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In case of offer we shall receive the relevant order within 30 days from date of the offer.
After this term we reserve the possibility of changing the conditions of the offer.
All orders have to show our ordering code as per our catalogues or documentation.
We accept the delivery only when we issue our order confirmation.

Our prices are referred to goods delivered from our premises and workshop, cost of packaging not included, unless differently specified in the order confirmation.
In case during the order execution costs of raw material, workmanship or other costs should increase we reserve the right of a price variation.
Our prices, for single devices and also for composed machines, are always to be referred to according to what expressly specified in the order confirmation and do not include supply of our workmanship.
The installation and connection of the devices or machines is at total cost of the purchaser.

Delivery terms are referred to the order finalization and more precisely to the date of our order confirmation
The delivery terms specified in our confirmation are subject to possible delays in the following cases:
- fault in the payment of down payments as agreed in the order or in the payment terms of previous deliveries;
- requirements for variations in the delivery scope during the order execution;
- delay of our sub contractors or raw materials suppliers;
- delay in the delivery of material ordered outside G.P.A.;
- generally speaking in case of a cause beyond control.
Delay in the deliveries do not allow contract cancellation.
Our company does not accept orders with penalty clauses.
The delivery is intended to be made at the moment of forwarding the goods to the forwarding agent or, if the goods are transported by the Client forwarder, at the moment of the given information of goods ready for delivery.
If the Client or the Client forwarder should not collect the goods after a period of fifteen days we shall be entitled to deliver the goods to the Client address by the forwarding agent we shall choose and whose fairs shall be applied.
This clause shall be applicable also if in the order the forwarding means are not specified.
The goods are delivered to the place shown in the order confirmation.
Deliveries are made on behalf of the consignee who undertakes all the risks of the transport also if the delivery is free at the consignee address.
The consignee must check the goods into the presence of the forwarding agent and he has to send immediately a claim in case of missing parts or damaged parts.

The only accepted payment form is in favour of our company, G.P.A. Italiana s.r.l.
After the expiry of the payment terms we reserve the right to charge at our credit the interests at the official in force discount rate increased of three points with all the consequent costs and other existing rights.
Claims and delays in the deliveries do not allow the purchaser to delay the payments at the agreed dates.

The guarantee period lasts 12 months from the date of the delivery from our works. The guarantee covers substitution ex our works of the parts whose defects are verified in our workshop.
Parts normally subject to wear are excluded from the guarantee.
The guarantee is no more valid if the customer has not respected the agreed payment conditions or if the faults in the product result to be caused by:
- use not according to the instructions of our catalogues or operator manuals;
- use of not proper fluids or lubricants or anyhow different from what we prescribed;
- wrong installation, wrong maintenance or modifications carried out by the client, client employees or anyhow people out of our organization.
A complaint cannot in any case lead to contract cancellation.
No responsibility can be charged to us for damages which could result from a not correct working of our products, including damages for lack of production, also if we may have cooperated in the feasibility study for the use of our products, also including delivery of connection diagrams.

We reserve the ownership on the delivered goods until they are completely paid and we also reserve the right to ask them back wherever they are.
The Client is in any case not allowed to alienate the goods without our previous agreement.
During the period of reserved ownership the Client becomes depositary of the delivered goods and undertakes to preserve the goods and is responsible for any kind of damages.

It is our right to protect our company, without excluding the reserved property, to write in the official register the Privilege of art. 2762 of Italian Civil Law.

All disputes arising out shall be settled in the Court of Como and our legal residence is from now established at our social address.

No exception is accepted from the above conditions, unless written and undersigned by both parties.
The Italian Civil Law is valid for what is not specified in the above conditions.

Any start up assistance for a GPA product, if required after the order confirmation, is to be agreed and confirmed by GPA sales department according to the on site assistance price list for operators and specialized technicians.
In the same way any on site assistance for substitution of parts during the guarantee period is to be agreed and confirmed by GPA because, as above specified, our guarantee covers parts substitution ex GPA works.

Programmed maintenance made by the manufacturer is not required for GPA products.
GPA products are foreseen for professional end users and programmed maintenance operations are listed on the instruction booklet and can be carried out by the end users.
In case the client would ask for part substitution or for extraordinary maintenance including complete revision GPA can offer such service ex GPA works at Lomazzo (CO) with free of charge estimation of the needed works.
Only for MEP-A safety valves for presses and for two hand controls any kind of maintenance must be carried out exclusively by GPA, as specified in the instruction booklets.

GPA products are mechanical components mainly constituted by steel, aluminium alloy and some parts made of brass.
At the end of the product life it is advisable to separate the different materials and dispose of them as metallic scraps.
Some products are delivered with plastic parts, such as fittings and valves, to be disposed separately.
Two products, hydraulic controls and hydropneumatic cylinders are delivered with hydraulic oil inside.
The oil technical specifications are delivered with the product.
In case of machines including electrical control boards electrical and electronic components are to be disposed separately through specialized sites.
However concerning product disposal the end user must take into consideration and follow laws and regulation into force in the country where the product shall be installed.


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