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Hydropneumatic presses kN 20 ÷ 320

Hydropneumatic presses kN 20 ÷ 320
The PCM hydropneumatic press models produced by G.P.A. Italiana use a CM power unit Linear or “U” version now available with extruded anodised aluminium cylinders. The CM cylinders can be used in any position, thanks to the enclosed oil tank with pneumatic spring.
The presses for manual loading and unloading take advantage of a redundant two way circuit monitored with electrical control board.

G.P.A. hydropneumatic presses take advantage of the following features:
high speed and low air consumption in the approach and return stroke,
-working stroke with smooth application of power using the pressure intensifier hydraulic circuit,
-cylinders with hard anodised aluminium pipes allowing a high level of protection against oxidation and high pneumatic performances,
-reduced consumption of tools and dies, thanks to smooth power application,
-reduced noise level,
-reduced maintenance requirements.
Online browse
Realized projects

G.P.A. Italiana PPCM hydropneumatic presses are available in the following versions::
Cylinder – Structure Groups, without control circuits
Pressing Units, with control circuits for incorporation in a final machinery,
Two – Hand Control or Light Curtains Presses for single working places with manual loading and unloading in different versions, also automated, according to custom requirements.

Moreover the CM cylinder, which is the power unit of GPA hydropneumatic press, can be sold separately.

The available power spread in various models from 20 to 320 kN, perfect for assembling jobs and deformation jobs of small pieces

As well as the standard support structures with adequately sized ports and ranges, customized versions are also available upon request.

PCM hydropneumatic presses can be delivered, on request, with control boards ready for production quality control and with factory ethernet systems making easy data exchange for production and efficiency rates as well as optimizing teleassistance operation.

Groups and machines for the automation


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